Welcome to Kentucky Stained Glass!

This site is intended to showcase the fantastic pieces of stained glass artwork I create. If you're interested in purchasing one, please email me!


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The work speaks for itself!

Featured Piece - Brand new!



The quality is unmatched.

If you're looking for something fresh and exciting to accent your home or office, look no further! From decorative wall hangings, window hangers, or desk decor, you'll find we're you're one stop shop for all things when it comes to stained glass!


Each Piece is Hand Crafted

Each item you'll find on this site was made by me, by hand. I carefuly cut and assemble them making sure the best quality and craftsmanship is used




No two pieces are exactly the same

Since they're all individually made, you can take comfort knowning the piece you purchased is unique, and one of a kind!




Please enjoy the images below! Remember, if you're interested in purchasing one, click my email at the top of the page!






11 July 2010: My new website is up and running! Also, please notice the dragon piece. It's the newest piece in my collection!






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